Hanky Park


Chimneypot Skyline

Cassette cover: Hanky Park - Chimneypot Skyline.

KM 999 cassette

Tracklisting: Hanky Park | Barrel Of Bricks | Salford Raised | Motorway Song | Dolly | John O' Dreams | Baths Song | Dirty Old Town.

Mayor of Salford Charity Night - Me & Our Kid (KM 092 CD)

Rough & Ready

CD cover: Hanky Park - Rough & Ready.

KM 093 CD

Tracklisting: Ohh Ohh Fred Dibnah | Matchstalk Men/Mason's Apron | The Knocker-Upper Man | Pete's Grandad/Roy Rogers/Chattanooga Choo Choo | Mary | Heart Of My Heart/Barefoot Days/Side By Side | D-Day Dodgers/When This Bloody War Is Over | They Don't Write 'em Like That Anymore | Three Ha'pence A Foot | Molly Malone/Liverpool Lou/The Wild Rover/Rochdale Mashers/Marie's Wedding/Lord Of The Dance/Mason's Apron | Hanky Park.

Fred Dibnah - A Musical Tribute to a Unique Man

CD cover: Hanky Park - Fred Dibnah.

KM 094 CD

CD recorded by Hanky Park, Mike Canavan, Rob Taylor, and Gary & Vera Aspey to raise funds for a Fred Dibnah statue.

Tracklisting: Ohh Ohh Fred Dibnah (Hanky Park) | The Old Mill Chimney (Mike Canavan) | Steam Away (Rob Taylor) | Knock 'em Down Dibnah (Gary & Vera Aspey) | Ohh Ohh Fred Dibnah (Hanky Park & The United Co-op Milnrow Brass Band)

Fifty Years

CD cover: Fifty Years.

KM 096 CDsingle

Tracklisting: The Flowers of Manchester | Fifty Years.

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